#1928 Minnie Mash

Secret Identity: "Addie Dillard"
Board Member: Marketing Coordinator

What's your day job?

Full time student!

When and how did you get into derby?

My friend Yael (Jackie Jerkheart) got me into derby second semester of my freshman year at Mercer. We just sort of showed up one day and ever since we've been hooked!!

How much of your time would you say you dedicate to roller derby (or roller derby related activities) in an average week?

Probably like 4 1/2 hours?

What kind of athletic experience did you have before getting involved with roller derby?

I played softball in high school, but I was never really actually athletic before I did this.

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What's the most meaningful lesson you've learned from roller derby?

Everyone is welcome and loved, just for showing up and doing their best.

What advice would you give to a new skater?

Come, look, and smile. Just showing up will make you a part of the derby family.

Why is being a Middle Georgia Derby Demon important to you?

It's the place where I feel most accepted and wanted. Derby is a place where I can be myself and try my best and that is enough for everyone. Just thinking about derby puts a smile on my face and makes me excited for the next time I get to see my girls.

What's one thing you wish everyone understood about this sport?

This sport isn't about violence. This sport is for empowering women. It's a loving and accepting community where everyone can play no matter age, size, height, or anything!

What's on your bout day/practice playlist?

BO$$ by Fifth Harmony. Great group. Great song. Great ladies.

Who's your derby idol and why?

Scald Eagle is my derby idol!! I love her and just everything she does. She amazes me with her skills and techniques and also her flexibility as a skater. She can be a jammer or a blocker or anything she puts her mind to and she rocks it all! I wanna be the best me I can be, but if being like Scald Eagle helps, I'm here for it!

Favorite post-bout/practice meal?

Pizza!!! We have pizza after every bout at our after parties.

Hobbies outside of roller derby?

I'm into service. I do a lot of volunteering and I'm on a service board at Mercer University.

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Inspirational quote:
Be the person you needed when you were younger.
- Anonymous