Keep Derby Local

The Middle Georgia Derby Demons are a competitive local non-profit organization, competing against visiting teams from all over the southeast as well as traveling to represent our city throughout the season. As athletes, we find strength and build discipline through our rigorous training program. As citizens, we dedicate ourselves to local charity and community involvement year-round.


And we need your help to keep local roller derby thriving in Middle Georgia.

A Place to Call Home

Mid-season in 2017, we lost our beloved home of 4+ years. The good news is, we have since located the perfect space to serve as a long-term home for our practices and recruitment events, right here in Central City Park! It is close to our hard-working athletes, our generous downtown sponsors, and most importantly, our fans.


Although we pride ourselves on making roller derby accessible to anyone and everyone, the cost of rental fees and repairs is simply not affordable for our dues-paying athletes. As you may have guessed, our athletes, coaches, referees, and other officials do not receive any payment for their work. Instead, every league member and volunteer is footing the bills for increased rental fees just so they can put in blood, sweat, and tears to make Middle Georgia proud. They are taking time away from their families and putting in extra hours at work so they can keep playing roller derby for this place they call home. Additionally, our athletes have been donating their own money and gear so anyone interested in learning the sport and joining the league can do so at an affordable cost. As you may have guessed, even this isn’t enough.


So, to maintain our new home and continue expanding our recruitment efforts, we will be fundraising to cover the extra costs. We know that Middle Georgia sports fans are some of the most enthusiastic and passionate people around, so we'll be selling t-shirts that let them show their dedication to local sports.

How to Help #KeepDerbyLocal

If you’re a local fan, come find us at one of a number of local events, where we will be selling these t-shirts, designed by our very own talented athletes and funded by enthusiastic local businesses. Check our Facebook page for upcoming events where shirts will be sold, or reach out to your favorite Derby Demon for more info. If you’re cheering us on from afar, you can use the PayPal link below to place an order. Simply list your size, name, email, and shipping address in the notes, and we’ll ship it right to you.

When you buy a shirt, you’ll be providing invaluable financial support to keep this sport alive. But as every derby athlete knows, roller derby is more than just a sport. It’s a community. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a movement.

Thank you for spreading this movement to Middle Georgia.

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