#500 Indy Go Montoya

Secret Identity: "Rebecca McAleer"

What's your day job?

Event Video Production Technician

When and how did you get into derby?

In early 2015 I was struggling with anxiety and manic episodes in the workplace. A coworker sent me a recruiting poster for the local roller derby team as a joke, "hey look now you can hit people to relieve stress". He had no idea that I would take it seriously, but I grabbed my roommate (#911 Pain MGMT) and we went to boot camp the very next weekend. We came home with aches, pains, and bruises, and couldn't wait to go back. The rest is history.

How much of your time would you say you dedicate to roller derby (or roller derby related activities) in an average week?

My traveling job makes it hard for me to dedicate 100% to derby, but I do my best. I go to every practice I can, and I spend my free time while traveling working on graphic and web design and social media for both the Derby Demons and the Junior Imps. I also take photos and video of our practices and games. It all evens out to maybe 10 hours a week.

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What kind of athletic experience did you have before getting involved with roller derby?

None whatsoever! I was always awful at sports, I hated PE and much preferred to read a book. I'm as shocked as anybody that derby has made me even somewhat an athletic person!

What's the most meaningful lesson you've learned from roller derby?

"If at first you don't succeed, try try again", "just keep swimming", "I think I can"- whichever version of the "keep going" mentality you like best. I've always been the kind of person who saw hardship and gave up. Roller derby has taught me more than anything about how to get up, keep going, never stop. Motivation is everything.

What advice would you give to a new skater?

Be the most open person you can be. It's okay to be nervous. Your derby family wants to love you, help you, support you, and take care of you. You never have to struggle alone.

Why is being a Middle Georgia Derby Demon important to you?

My derby family helps me be the most honest version of myself. I don't have to hide anything on the track. They motivate me, support me, and help me see myself in a better light. They're my teammates, but also my best friends.

What's one thing you wish everyone understood about this sport?

This sport is for EVERYONE. Big girls, tiny girls, boys, men, people with muscles, people with flexibility- there is NOT A SINGLE TRAIT about you that will keep you from playing. You don't have to be a certain body type or physical shape to play derby. In fact, variety is what makes us stronger! You're not good at derby "despite" your body- you're good at derby BECAUSE of your body.

What's on your bout day/practice playlist?

My practice playlist has a lot of variety to it, but when it's down to the wire I tend to lean toward a lot of classic rock and grunge. Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song", Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit", and Scorpions' "Rock You Like A Hurricane" get played a LOT.

Who's your derby idol and why?

Loren Mutch of the Rose City Rollers! She's so fast and agile, I would kill to be that fast! She's living proof that you don't always have the hit the hardest to come out first.

Favorite post-bout/practice meal?

My roommate (#911 Pain MGMT) and I usually go for Chick fil A milkshakes after practice.

Hobbies outside of roller derby?

I like to play board games and go to nerdy conventions in cosplay, and I'm a movie enthusiast. As you can tell from my name, "The Princess Bride" is one of my favorites!

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Inspirational quote:
"Who run the world? Girls."
- Beyoncé