Helle Woods

Secret Identity: "Dana Nicolazzi"

What's your day job?


When and how did you get into derby?

Feb 2014: my friend and I decided to try it out together!

How much of your time would you say you dedicate to roller derby (or roller derby related activities) in an average week?

I have a super busy schedule that sometimes affects my derby time, but I probably shoot for 6-10 hours a week.

What kind of athletic experience did you have before getting involved with roller derby?

Little to no athletic experience, I was a bookworm.

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What's the most meaningful lesson you've learned from roller derby?

That my body was strong! I've always felt lacking in athleticism and I was convinced I couldn't do a lot. My body isn't thin or athletic looking. Derby proved me wrong and showed me that my body is wonderful and strong and I am capable of doing some neat skills on my skates!

What advice would you give to a new skater?

Be consistent! Some aspects of skating and of the game in general may seem difficult, but the more you show up and put in effort, the easier the skills become. Also, don't be afraid to fall, our most experienced skaters still fall!

Why is being a Middle Georgia Derby Demon important to you?

It's important to me because it has given me a community of such amazing and encouraging people that I'm proud to call my friends! It's like being a part of a family: no matter what ups and downs we experience, we're all driven by our love for the sport.

What's one thing you wish everyone understood about this sport?

It's a contact sport, but it's not violent or a spectacle. It's just like any other contact sport!

What's on your bout day/practice playlist?

Pump up jams from artists like Beyonce, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and Run the Jewels!

Who's your derby idol and why?

I don't know that I could pick just one! There are so many great derby players that make this sport so amazing and fun to watch!

Favorite post-bout/practice meal?

Burritos, all the time

Hobbies outside of roller derby?

Reading, collecting vinyl, and generally being obsessed with my cat.

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Inspirational quote:
We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us.
- Charles Bukowski