It's the ultimate battle of Pink against Black!

Every year in October, your Middle Georgia Derby Demons open up the track to skaters all over the southeast for a costumed evening of roller derby action. Our Annual Mash Up started during our very first season in 2013. For the first year, we divided our skaters up into Heroes vs Villains. The evening was such a success that a new annual MGDD tradition was born.


It wasn't until our 2nd Annual Halloween Mash Up that we switched to our pink vs black team colors. One of our Referees, Remorse Code, came up with the Glammed vs Damned title, and the name has stuck ever since!


For our 3rd Halloween Mash Up in 2015, not only did we have our first double header in the history of MGDD, it was a Co-Ed bout to boot! The action got started at 5pm with a black and white scrimmage with both women and men making up the teams. It was an exciting endeavor that we hope to continue in the future!


If you'd like to be a part of the annual Mash Up, you can contact us at or look for the sign up link to open starting in September.


1st Halloween Mash Up
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2nd Annual Halloween Mash Up
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3rd Annual Halloween Mash Up
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