#--- Pavlov's Princess

Secret Identity: "Christina Charette"

What's your day job?


When and how did you get into derby?

Started watching in 2010 and started skating in 2017.

How much of your time would you say you dedicate to roller derby (or roller derby related activities) in an average week?

10 hours

What kind of athletic experience did you have before getting involved with roller derby?


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What's the most meaningful lesson you've learned from roller derby?

Trust in my body and my strength and don't let doubt get in the way

What advice would you give to a new skater?

Listen, try, fall, laugh, and try again until learn it.

Why is being a Middle Georgia Derby Demon important to you?

Being part of a team, pushing and cheering each other on.

What's one thing you wish everyone understood about this sport?

The amount of training and athleticism that goes into it.

What's on your bout day/practice playlist?

Electronic dance

Who's your derby idol and why?

All of them because they all have something to teach me

Favorite post-bout/practice meal?

Breakfast burritos

Hobbies outside of roller derby?


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Inspirational quote:
Never think that you already know all. However highly you are appraised, always have the courage to say to yourself, "I am ignorant."
- Ivan Pavlov