Secret Identity: "Sara Dusenberry"
Board Member: Administrative Coordinator

What's your day job?

Government Services Specialist

When and how did you get into derby?

I started in the summer of 2016. I had been in Macon for about 6 months and was wanting to try something new and came across derby. Like a lot of people, I was introduced to roller derby through the movie Whip It so when I saw there was a team in Macon I took a chance.

How much of your time would you say you dedicate to roller derby (or roller derby related activities) in an average week?

Between practice three times a week, working out, watching/reading about derby it's a lot, but it's worth it.

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What kind of athletic experience did you have before getting involved with roller derby?

I played softball for about 13 years growing up.

What's the most meaningful lesson you've learned from roller derby?

Don't compare yourself to others. I'm still working on this, but with derby especially it's important to realize everyone is on their own path. You are not necessarily going to pick things up at the same rate as the people around you, and you're not going to be good at the same things. Each person has their own value and skills to offer.

What advice would you give to a new skater?

Go to practice! Make the most out of the practice time you have and make sure you are enjoying yourself. There will be days when you get down on yourself or frustrated and that's ok! Use those bad days to push yourself to get better. Also watch derby! Understanding how the game is played and its rules should start the first day you put skates on. It's great if you know how to skate, but if you don't know the rules and strategy you won't be successful.

Why is being a Middle Georgia Derby Demon important to you?

MGDD is a community. We support each other and strive to better ourselves and our surrounding community in everything we do.

What's one thing you wish everyone understood about this sport?

This sport is for everyone. It's for every body type, age, gender, race, etc. But it's a lot of hard work! It's a full contact sport that is so much more than the fun names and makeup. Every person, whether a newbie or a vet, is an athlete, and has to train like one to improve. If you are committed to learning and pushing yourself no matter who you are there is a place in derby for you.

What's on your bout day/practice playlist?

It varies day by day. It's anything from the Drive-By Truckers to Childish Gambino to Led Zeppelin and more.

Who's your derby idol and why?

Serelson, Lo Betancourt, Brawn Swanson ... really it's any player that shows size doesn't matter. That you don't have to have the stereotypical athletic body type to be amazing at this sport.

Favorite post-bout/practice meal?

Pretty much anything that's food.

Hobbies outside of roller derby?

Giving my dog the best life possible.

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Inspirational quote:
Remember, it ain't too late to take a deep breath and throw yourself into it with everything you got.
- Drive-By Truckers