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2020 Boot Camp FAQ

When is boot camp?

The 2020 boot camps have been cancelled due to COVID-19. 

What if I can't make it both days?

Both boot camp days will be packed with instruction from our experienced vets, so if this is your first time on roller skates, we highly encourage that you come to both. But if you can't, no worries! Boot camp is a great opportunity to get a crash course in derby and dip your toe-stop in the Middle Georgia Derby Demons pool in a safe, casual environment, whichever day you can make it. Just a heads up though, these are our regular practice hours, so keep that in mind as you schedule yourself for this next year!


And you can always keep an eye out for our upcoming recruitment days posted on our Facebook page.

Where will it be?

Boot camp will be held at our practice space, the United Building warehouse in Central City Park. It's located at 115 Willie Smokie Glover Drive, Macon, GA, 31201 (See map).

Is there a fee?

The registration fee is $35 BUT that is just to secure a full set of gear for you to rent for the 9-week program. If you have your own gear, you don't need to rent from us! Just bring your own and skip the fee. 

What about health insurance?

While MGDD doesn't require our skaters to have primary insurance, it is HIGHLY recommended! This is a full contact sport, and injuries can happen. You will, however, be required to purchase WFTDA supplementary insurance down the road. The cost is $80/yr, and will not be required as long as you are learning as a non-contact skater. More info will be provided to you after boot camp.

How about an age requirement?

MGDD requires all skaters to be age 18 and up.

What about guys? I wanna skate, too

Unfortunately, MGDD doesn't have any open-gender or all-men teams, but that doesn't mean you can't be involved. We're always looking for new referees! If that's something you may be interested in (and women can be refs, too), please contact us.

What will we be doing? Is someone going to hit me?

Boot camp will be completely non-contact, as we require all of our skaters to pass an assessment before learning to block and hit. When you get to the rink, we'll get you geared up and out on the floor. On the first day, we'll go over the basics of roller derby—skating, stopping, and falling safely—as well as play some games and get to know each other. On the second day, we'll continue to build on skills from the first day and work on some more advanced footwork.

I've never skated in my life! Should I even bother?

Of course! There are no skill requirements for boot camp. All you need is a little bravery, a good attitude, and the willingness to work with others!

Do I need my own gear and skates?

Nope! You can rent all of the things you need from us for $35 (see registration fee). 

Please make sure you list your gear & skate sizes in your registration form!

Keep in mind that eventually, you will want to purchase your own gear and skates. Full sets can be pricey, but the league is equipped with resources and discounts to help you out. 

Roller derby is like wrestling, right? I can't wait to knock someone out!

Actually, modern roller derby is much different from the roller derby you used to watch back in the day. The sport now focuses on athleticism, teamwork, safety, and strategy—kinda like football! Check out this guide and video about roller derby, and watch some WFTDA tournament games on Youtube to see what it's like!

When do I get my derby name? I've already got one picked out!

Slow down, little slugger. Let's get through boot camp first. You've got plenty of time to think of the perfect derby name.

How do I sign up?

Just follow these instructions: (If online registration has ended, we still want you! Shoot us an email)

1. Fill out and submit our online registration form on our Facebook page. 

2. Print and fill out the WFTDA Member Waiver Form and bring it with you on the first day.


Please also bring with you:

1. Valid ID and insurance card (if applicable)

2. Water Bottle

3. Good attitude and sense of adventure!


We can't wait to meet you!


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